Rose Spats/Gaiters Embroidery Designs




Rose Spats/Gaiters Embroidery Designs

Rose Spats/Gaiters Embroidery Designs

Here is a spat with the expander to make the larger sizes.

spat with expanger

Rose Spats/Gaiters Embroidery Designs

This┬áRose Spats/Gaiters Embroidery Designs will fit an 8×10 hoop or larger. This design will fit a young girl (maybe as small as 6 or 8 years of age) to an adult size. This even includes expanders to make the design go even larger for extremely bulky boots. There are three sizes included. Small Medium and Large. The expanders are for 2, 3, and 4 inch expansions. The 8×10 hoop could not go any larger so expansions were made for extra bulky boots. It’s an easy project. Just stitch out both sides of each boot on felt or a sturdy material and sew them together then punch or poke holes in the eyelets. Once they are sewn and trimmed, stitch some elastic on the bottoms to ensure they will stay in place, and add shoe string or lace to lace them up and you are good to go!

This will fancy up any boot or shoe!

Items needed to finish design:

1)Felt or Sturdy Material (3 pieces 8×10)

2)1 to two inch wide elastic

3) Three colors of thread your choice of colors

4) Shoelaces or laced ribbon for shoe laces.


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